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Yesterday and Today

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Yesterday he slept all night and woke up at 8 AM.

Today he was up all night, and up for the day before 6 AM.

Yesterday he was full of smiles.

Today I have not seen one yet.

Yesterday we were able to enjoy a trip to Target.

Today I would not even try to go at all.

Yesterday we went to the grocery store, and he was patient in line.

Today we had to leave without the things I needed.

Yesterday we went for a walk in our neighborhood for thirty minutes.

Today we barely made it down the street.

Yesterday we played catch with a ball as he laughed and smiled.

Today he wants nothing to do with it.

Yesterday he hardly wrung his hangs and fingers.

Today I had to put Band-Aides on them because they are so raw.

Yesterday I could tell he was happy and content.

Today I can tell something is bothering him, but he can't tell me what it is.

Yesterday I felt happy and content because he was.

Today I feel sad and helpless because he isn't.

We are told to always live for today.

But sometimes I just want to stay in yesterday.

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