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My Favorite Month

Our first Valentines Day, 1993

For someone that loves love as much as I do, February has always been my favorite month. Obviously it is the month that Valentines Day is in, but for me it marks so many other love filled times in my own life.

It's the month we first said I love you and the month we got engaged (the first time).

It also used to be the beginning of Spring Training and Greg would often leave on Valentines Day.That day was always bitter sweet because it mark the beginning of eight months of me being a single mom, but also the exciting promise of a great new baseball season.

February was when our son was born.

February also marks time that we fell in love all over again two years ago after nine years apart. While it was a beautiful time for the two of us, I realize others were hurt and that will never be forgotten or discounted no matter how much I would like to not think about that part. Sometimes love can be too powerful for even me to understand and I am sort of an expert in the area!

I am nearing the end of my book and my heart has been smiling the last couple of days as I write these chapters. It's the final part of my love story and the journey to get to this part has not only been painful to write at times, but also more therapeutic than I ever imagined possible.

So I thought I would give a small teaser from the book as I approach the inspiration for my title, Rounding Home.

January 2017

We found ourselves alone in doctors waiting rooms a few more times in the month of January with Dawson, and the same damn feelings of something between us would not leave. I felt so much comfort from Greg during these doctor visits and it was eerily reminiscent of when Dawson was a baby going through the autism diagnosis. Except for this time we were older, wiser and had already been through hell and back.

There was a softness in our new relationship that had not been there for years, as if the past had been stripped clean of all its ugliness and pain. When we were together, it felt like I had found the warmest, most comfy sweater in the world after thinking it had been lost forever.

Dealing with the pain of all that we were going through with Dawson, and Greg being there with me was the kind of love and support I was craving. But we were married to other people now and I knew that it was too late for us. I needed to just be happy with the good place that we were in, and focus on what was happening with our son. Nothing else needed to matter at this point.

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