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Bubble of Love

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

December 2018

The famous Swindell "Bubble of Love" Christmas ornament.

When Greg came home from his hunting trip yesterday afternoon, I asked him what he thought about my latest post. He sort of paused, and I quickly could tell he was thinking about what exactly to say that would be safe, yet man!

"Well, it was good but a little dark," he bravely said, probably thinking he was stepping into a mine field with how I might react. "There really is no way to talk about the time you wanted to drive off a freeway with your child in the back seat, and it not be just a tad depressing" I said with a smile.

So that got me thinking around 5:30am this morning. Maybe my posts have been a little too dark so far, and it is probably starting to sound like I think my life sucks, poor me, I'm a victim, blah blah blah. But really, that is the farthest from the truth about what I am trying to accomplish with my book writing quest.

While YES, there have been some tremendously difficult times in my life, and there were seasons I didn't feel things would ever get better, or could not seem to figure out how to make them better. Who doesn't have times like that?

I am probably the most positive and happy person you will ever meet. Even during the crappy times, you could pretty much see me smiling or joking around about something. I try and save the tears for drives in the middle of the night, or the best place of all, the shower.

Greg's reaction to my question really got me thinking about how pretty darn amazing my life HAS been.

I have been lucky enough to be the mother of four amazing children who have all grown into compassionate, well rounded adults, that have patiently put up with me when I wasn't always the mom they deserved.

I have the worlds greatest and supportive parents a child could ever wish for, that gave me the best childhood anyone could imagine.

I have siblings and family members that I love with all my heart, even though I am positive they think I am crazy and have lost my mind half the time.

I have traveled well, stayed in beautiful hotels, and have had amazing experiences people only dream of having.

I have seen the pure beauty of unconditional love from doctors, nurses, teachers and therapists Dawson has had in his life that have touched my soul more than they can possibly know.

I have beautiful friendships with some of the most incredibly strong and loving women on the planet.

Most of all, I have experienced love, LOTS of love. People always tell me, "Sarah, you just love love!" And boy, is that the truth. I love everything about love and all the goodness that comes with it. Even when love has failed me, or I have failed it, it is still an honor to feel it. I love it!

So this brings me to the point of my cute, bubble of love Christmas tree photo.

This ornament has been in our family for almost twenty years now. It is sort of a joke how we named it, but the name has stuck. It is always the cause of a light hearted argument who gets to hang the bubble of love on the tree that year (Sophia usually wins!) and is always front and center on our tree.

I wanted to take this chance to express how grateful I am for all the love that has always been in my life, and all the various, and beautiful forms it comes in. Love is the light that always manages to guide me, even when things do get dark. So yes, I do love love.

Sarah Swindell's memoir, Rounding Home, is now available here!

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