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Well my friends, I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog as much as my grandson likes to watch videos of himself, and as much as I like wine with a little ice.

It is time to focus on finishing my book which is almost at the halfway point, and I can't keep giving away all the secrets of what is going to be in it! Trust me, there is A LOT more I have left to say and stories to tell. I hope you will laugh and cry right along with me, as much as I have been writing it so far.

The kind and supportive messages have meant more to me than you will ever know, and have truly inspired me to follow through with this dream I have had for years, but was always too afraid. Many of you have shared with me your own stories and are super humans in my eyes.

It was sometimes scary to share my deepest thoughts, fears, flaws and shameful moments with you, but also extremely liberating in a way. It is pretty cool to come to a place in life that the fear of what others may think of you, is replaced with a more powerful desire to be heard and hopefully more understood.

I would LOVE to have been able to read a book like mine years ago. It may have saved me from some serious self destruction and feelings of being alone in my struggles, as well the emotional ride of raising a child with special need. Which is exactly why I am doing this.

Women are expected to always be perfect, make perfect choices, look perfect, have perfect kids, and have perfect husbands. That is a lot to live up to, and impossible to accomplish, except on Facebook or Instagram where we are all living exceptionally perfect lives, right?! Like I have said before, I would rather hang and have wine with an imperfect person over Patty Perfection any day!

So, thank you again for coming this far along with me. My goal is to have my book completed in the next month, so need to give it my full attention at this point. I found an amazing editor who is diligently working hard at each chapter I have been sending her, and she sure has her work cut out! Bless you Sue!

I could also use a couple more readers that don't mind being completely honest, that I can send what I have written so far for feedback and suggestions. I will not have my feelings hurt I promise! This is an important step to have feed back from several readers before I move to the next. You can private message me if you are interested!

THANK YOU AGAIN from the bottom of my heart for Rounding Home with me. Most of all, thank you to Greg and our kids for allowing me to share our story. We all found our way home in a million different ways, and I could not be more grateful to be a family again. It is a dream I never thought would come true, but it did, and I am hanging on tight with both hands this time.

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